Great for…

  • Biking: Can we stress this enough? BIKING. Ladies, you can now bike to work in a pencil skirt and not worry about bringing a change of clothes. This is great for staying eco-friendly and for staying in shape!
  • Walking: Walking is pretty important especially while wearing heels, which causes a shorter stride. No longer do you have to take tiny steps! This is awesome! We’re definitely celebrating. (Did we mention? Unzip the sides to transform your outfit if you’re going somewhere afterwards, then we can REALLY celebrate)
  • Travel: When you can only bring a few items, it’s important that you get maximum use out of them. This skirt ensures that you’ll have many ways to match your outfits and stay comfortable. We personally love multi-use items.
  • Work: Wearing a not-so-comfortable pencil skirt for almost 24/7 that needs to be dry-cleaned is not ideal. Any time you need to sit down, you can unzip the sides for relief. Spill coffee on your skirt? No problem, just toss it in the wash. It’s the ultimate solution for a busy woman on the go.
  • College/Job Interviews: Are you a student who can’t afford professional pencil skirts that are $70? This will be your entry level, go-to skirt for interviews! It’s much more affordable, is comfortable, and doesn’t need to be dry cleaned. It might even help you stand out and make you memorable to the interviewer, if you choose to wear the skirt unzipped (depending on what is considered acceptable in that field, of course).



Product Features:

  • Colored Side Panels on each side of the skirt. The side panel fabric, made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, is lightweight, breathable, and reduces bulk at the seams.
  • Stretchy, Comfortable Main Fabric: The black fabric is 70% cotton, 28% polyester, and 2% spandex. The poly/cotton blend keeps the skirt fairly breathable and also less prone to wrinkling. It is extremely comfortable as it is VERY STRETCHY.
  • Durable Twill Weave: Both the main and secondary fabric are made in a twill weave, identifiable by the diagonal stripes. Look at the underside of your jeans to get a better idea; that’s how durable the fabric is.
  • High Quality YKK zippers that can handle the stress of everyday zipping and unzipping (YKK is the world’s largest zipper manufacturer)
  • Invisible Zippers makes the side seem like a regular pencil skirt with a regular seam!
  • Falls right above the knee (Model is 5’5″ and wears a Small. Refer to size chart)
  • Endless Possibilities: How to wear the skirt? It’s up to you! Unzip both sides half up, unzip one side up and one side down, etc.